best fu***** band in da f****** wrld. if you dont like em go to f****** he** mo fo
nofx ummm... rokssss!!! beyatch
by amado February 13, 2005
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diluted pop-punk band that posers seem to enjoy.
hey did you notice all nofx songs sound the same?
by ryansdf May 20, 2005
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A band that has humorous songs; no real punk value; just for laughs.
NOFX has funny songs.
by Kaladbolg June 29, 2003
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Fat Mike, El Hefe, Smelly and Melvin... just a great punk band.
13 Stitches, Liza And Louise, Linoleum, Leave It Alone, Bob, Brews, Moron Brothers, Don't Call Me White, Vanilla Sex...
by Kat July 14, 2004
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*gasp* an actually GOOD punk band!!
by alex January 22, 2003
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doesnt stand for no fucking straight edge
it was named after the boston band negative fx
best punk band ever
by eric September 20, 2003
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A band, some may consider punk, but not hardcore. Liberal, and very anti-bush (see Rock Against Bush compilations volumes 1 & 2, or album 'War on Errorism'). Micheal Moore fans. Comedic songs. Not too bad of a band.

Summerised: A fairly popular, but still ok band, that make clear their political stance, but do so in a comic and usually some what fun way.
Have you heard any songs by NOFX?
by Sky April 1, 2005
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