A punk band that whos name Japs can't pernounce. They read it as one word instead of No-Fx so it sounds like nawfix. When this occurs the fans of NOFX ususally respond by saying, "Nawfix is my Cheese."
Jap= Whats Nawfix?
Punk= Nawfix is my cheese.
by Jamal J. Jamalson June 23, 2005
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Fucking awesome punk band. Been around for years and still making great songs. Most of the songs are comedy as well eg. "Bob", "Whoops, I OD'D", and "Please Play This Song On The Radio"
Best albums are Punk In Drublic, The War On Errorism and White Trash Two Heebs & A Bean.
by Nezbit. May 26, 2005
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Well now, amazing punk band...
Jimbo: Have you heard NOFX?
Terry: Yes, I creamed myself shortly afterwards...
by Kiggzeh September 30, 2003
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punk rock. why waste enerygy pressing other buttons?
best band ever and kicks rise agiansts ass even though there cool

Apple Macintosh Computers kick ass!
Anyone who doesnt like NOFX can fuck off
by El Nefe October 27, 2005
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