Anti-bush means you are against the over growth of pubic hair in your nether region. A prefence for short or no pubic hair.
Because I am "anti-bush" I shave a minimum of 2 times per week to maintain my well kept genital garden.
by Naomi February 3, 2005
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every other nation, its leaders, and citizens
Everybody hates the US...nah everybody just hates bushes bitch ass.
by Milkweed June 27, 2005
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someone that doesnt like george bush because he is:
1)an asshole
2)doesnt agree with his policies
I am anti-bush
Examples of anti-bush slogans:
-Lick my Bush
-Bush and Hitler are the same the only dif. is the name.
-No blood for oil.
by k8ie February 1, 2005
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someone who, for some reason, doesn't like bushes.
ooh come on!!! someone just took a shit behind the bushes in my garden.
I hate this fuckin bushes
by the dirty sanchez February 3, 2005
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Anyone who doesn't think a conservative would spend more of my tax dollars than Ted Kennedy in a Liquor Barn.
I wasn't anti-bush until he turned out to be as much of a fiscal conservative as M.C. Hammer.
by JerkNuts February 13, 2005
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Someone who does not like President George Bush and who does not agree with his agenda.
by RJ August 9, 2004
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