an idol band for all of the punks of the world
NOFX is the band that unites all of the true punks of the world!
by JOSH B FROM NEW JERSEY! March 28, 2004
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A band, some may consider punk, but not hardcore. Liberal, and very anti-bush (see Rock Against Bush compilations volumes 1 & 2, or album 'War on Errorism'). Micheal Moore fans. Comedic songs. Not too bad of a band.

Summerised: A fairly popular, but still ok band, that make clear their political stance, but do so in a comic and usually some what fun way.
Have you heard any songs by NOFX?
by Sky April 01, 2005
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-NOFX is stupid cause they don't sing about girls.
-You're stupid because, well I don't know but you are!
by tintle September 11, 2004
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Possibly the greatest punk band very talented for all of those who say they arent Talent NOFX songs:Stickin My Eye,The Decline,Irrationality of Rationality,hobophobic
people who dont like NOFX can fuck off
by Jay July 29, 2003
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Nofx Is a punk band that started out in CA back in 1983. The name was From Neagative Fx (A one album band.) It was a 3 piece band at first due to one of the guitarists could not make it to pratice and quited because the others did a show without him. They did not get anothor player until Allan came to try-out he then was known as El Hefe. The band today is. Fat Mike (Bass/vocals), Eric Melven (Guitar) El Hefe (Guitar) Erik Sandin (Or Smelly.) (Drums). Nofx today is very sucessful Haveing alot of fans,Jaming with Rancid,releaseing lots of albums and a whole bunch of other shit aswell. there like my secound favriote band!
Nofx has had alot of diffrent people. Every Nofx fan knows the original crue two right?
by Punk Rocker June 22, 2005
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hey who says every punk band has to sing about anarchy and shit
by mu moo September 02, 2003
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