A manky old guy with a grizzly full beard, skanky unwashed hair, and thick rimmed glasses with a near permanent roll up fag in his mouth. Often seen walking out of off-licences.
I saw the worst possible Nobby on the train earlier.
by Arkatos June 19, 2004
nobby fuked me real hard i can hardly walk.
nobby is so cool.
everyone loves nobby.
by Nobbystyler November 27, 2004
a stupid story with a pointless ending
ridiculous mistake.
Various nobbys-

"There's a bucthers........ they'll sell meat."

"Do I see my eyes!!??"

"Pick that up, that's loitering!"

" I was playin this game, and you had to stop by pressing the button, and I pressed it and it didnt work, so I pressed it again."

"Fuck me there are loads of gliders today! Oh no wait there's just one."

"Speed pickles in slow motion is just normal pickles!"
by Wagon December 16, 2005
Adjective meaning ratchet, ugly, and all around ew.
Bruh did you see that bitch with her nobby ass hair?
by DrakeWillEatYourAss November 8, 2018
Shipping name of the TikToker “Noen Eubanks” and the Make Up Artist “Abby Roberts” who are in a relationship since 2019
“Nobby is my favorite TikTok couple.”
by Noensbaey May 6, 2020
Kev "Did you see Billy at Mike's party yesterday?"
Caz "Yeah he made a rght fool of himself coming out the closet like that and stripping off, what was he thinking shoving his cock into Mike's drink?"
Kev "he's not going to remember much - he was totally Nobbied"
by The Course Man October 10, 2019
badass, amazing, overwhelming, incredible...etc...basically a superior being, or object.
john:bro did you see that dude!??! (man jumping off of cliff doing flips)
tom:yea man that was nobbi!!
john:i know right! i wish i could be nobbi!

tom: you can bro! just go ask him (the man) how he did it!
by manjaraider November 13, 2010