one of the hottest e-boy’s/soft boy’s on tik tok
girl 1: hey, check out this dude!

girl 2: Is that the hot ass tik toker?

girl 1: hell yeah it is! It’s Noen Eubanks!
by Xxmiabearrxx November 24, 2019
Noen Eubanks. Born in 2001 in Loganville Georgia (USA). Birthday date May 2. Cutest hottie softboy / e-boy in tiktok with over 6milj followers. He cares for his fans and has a great sense of humour. He is shy before you meet him but will suprise you by his huge ego and personality. He is not camera shy and has a original colourful style with bit of a e-boyness being not afraid to express himself even puplicly.
Noen Eubanks is rising TikTok star with a loving fanbase.
by Sophie_xDD October 24, 2019
A soft boi, and a e-boy. But he is cute like i mean look at him😊. He cares about his fans and loves his hair. HE IS HOT😜😜😈😽👅💦👅💦👅💦👅 he is also very well-known on tik tok
noen eubanks is a hottie👅💦👅💦💦💦👅
by D×ddybae August 16, 2019