No offense; don't take this harshly but...
Girl, before I accept this check Imma have to your bank to make sure it can go thru--no shade.
by (0_0) April 7, 2017
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Don't tell anyone I said this,but Becky is such a slut no shade.
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Keeping it Real, Stating the obvious, bringing light to questionable behaviors in a “non-judgmental” or slightly comical way. At times, when necessary, can be used to be condescending. The phrase can be placed where ever the user feels most appropriate “throwing” shade… in a sentence. This phrase gives the user a “pass” for saying something that may typically be viewed as off-putting/ offensive.
Example1: I was in a meeting with Tommy “shade but no shade” his breath was making my stomach hurt…

Example 2: Why did I see Brandon out on Friday “shade but no shade” I think he was with another woman.

Example 3: Shade but no shade, those pants need to retire…

Example 4: Wait, Tammy lost 50 pd., lost her job and was seen a hott mess... is she smok'n, shade but no shade
by Educated Hater January 28, 2014
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A light comment with slight disrespect towards an individual
Rose threw shade at Mona when she said there isn't a guy in her degree program Mona hadn't kissed.
by Rogue Babe March 11, 2016
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acting in a casual or disrespectful manner towards someone/dissing a friend
by Anonymous April 1, 2003
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Sun glasses but it sounds cooler.
Person 1; Nice shades
Person 2; Damm straight
by cartman5000 August 7, 2004
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trying to act in a slick, or casual manner by using something against someone, disrespecting, insulting, judging, etc.
Man bro the teacher just threw shade at me for not passing the test
by kigox March 1, 2016
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