A light comment with slight disrespect towards an individual
Rose threw shade at Mona when she said there isn't a guy in her degree program Mona hadn't kissed.
by Rogue Babe March 11, 2016
acting in a casual or disrespectful manner towards someone/dissing a friend
by Anonymous April 1, 2003
trying to act in a slick, or casual manner by using something against someone, disrespecting, insulting, judging, etc.
Man bro the teacher just threw shade at me for not passing the test
by kigox March 1, 2016
Casual or disrespectful manner towards someone/dissing a friend.
Becky: Girl yass you look fierce in that wig, but it would look better on someone else. All tea all Shade
by Amari Nieh December 22, 2016
Steven Carsch
when an individual acts in supicious or questionable ways similar to Steven Carsch, they are doing so in shade
by FunkyBeatz95 April 14, 2015
Insulting someone indirectly.
Maria threw shade at Sally for what she wore to the party.
by Project S March 1, 2018
Shade is a mystical being that dwells on the inner side of the cosmic void. With a power that has no equal, he will eviscerate anyone that stands in his way. It is unwise to defy him. He will take everyone and everything you love and tear it apart in front of your eyes.
Shade is coming. Shade will kill us all.
by MrShadeYT October 12, 2020