A sexual side joke, used to neglect he sexual joke/sex joke.

Usually used at the end of the joke.
'So, we're going to take these sausages, no pause'
by HotCaraTea April 9, 2020
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A powerful and ancient word that is used to stop sus vibes from the people around you.
Bro, this is so long. Pause”
by Word of the Gods September 7, 2020
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Said after something that may be taken as homosexual.
-Pull it out, pause.
-Son, that ball is huge, pause.
by m1c August 12, 2004
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used to stop the "aye-yo"'ing of a subject after a homosexual comment has been made. also see "no homo"
these are some good nuts, pause.
by white mike November 3, 2003
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Used to signify that someone has said something homosexual in nature, usually to make them aware of their sub-conscience gayness. Some people feel the need to pause themselves if no one has paused them after about 5 seconds.

see pause
After watching the movie "Shaft", Lallier says, "Man, I love shaft."

Erickson and Haight reply by saying,

"Pause That."
by Haight April 3, 2003
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Like from Borat, when you say a not joke but instead of just saying NOT at the end you say the pause.
Your shirt is cute pause not.

That's funny pause not.

Borat- This suit is black pause not

Borat Not Joke
by Lance Hay February 21, 2009
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A word used when someone says something that sounds gay and nobody says no homo.
Adam: His ass is mine!
(wait for no homo but Adam dosent says it)
by SmittyJagerManJenson December 21, 2010
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