a way of showing sarcasim.shifting your jaw to the side with an open mouth,or saying "...ahhhh."
that douche bag was prety cool (pause) ahhhh. the pause
by joey cool October 31, 2007
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Said after something that may be taken as homosexual.
-Pull it out, pause.
-Son, that ball is huge, pause.
by m1c August 12, 2004
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A sexual side joke, used to neglect he sexual joke/sex joke.

Usually used at the end of the joke.
'So, we're going to take these sausages, no pause'
by HotCaraTea April 09, 2020
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A powerful and ancient word that is used to stop sus vibes from the people around you.
Bro, this is so long. Pause”
by Word of the Gods September 07, 2020
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Like from Borat, when you say a not joke but instead of just saying NOT at the end you say the pause.
Your shirt is cute pause not.

That's funny pause not.

Borat- This suit is black pause not

Borat Not Joke
by Lance Hay February 20, 2009
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used to stop the "aye-yo"'ing of a subject after a homosexual comment has been made. also see "no homo"
these are some good nuts, pause.
by white mike November 02, 2003
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Used to signify that someone has said something homosexual in nature, usually to make them aware of their sub-conscience gayness. Some people feel the need to pause themselves if no one has paused them after about 5 seconds.

see pause
After watching the movie "Shaft", Lallier says, "Man, I love shaft."

Erickson and Haight reply by saying,

"Pause That."
by Haight April 02, 2003
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