Swedish name... translate to SON of ERICK
Erickson = SON of ERICK
by Frawgeez August 23, 2008
A girl that smells like moldy coconuts. Always farting and looking at boys. Jealous of her brothers cause they have 8 girlfriends. No matter what you do she will never be content
Jada Erickson be stanky
by BigBoyu02 June 3, 2019
A young scenester from Colorado. He liked playing the guitar, AHS and Dead by Daylight.

Now what makes him so special, that I should write about him? Well, when he was 18, he and a friend, Alec McKinney, went on a school shooting at STEM Highlands Ranch. It ended with one student dead and 8 others injured. (2 were accidentally hit by police).

He is currently serving life in prison.
Devon Erickson has a fangirl base down in South America. Why? He was a singer and had good looks. Most of them overlook the fact that he was a bully, glorified killing and murdered someone.
by streetshad0ws August 14, 2021
A smelly young man usually of the Arabian decent. A Zach Erickson is often used as a reference to the pilot of the plane that struck the first tower of the World Trade Center. You do not want to be a Zach Erickson.
“Shit look up it’s Zach Erickson heading for the towers!”
“Fuck you Zach Erickson you smelly Arab
by Grosselfinger July 24, 2022
Verb: A sex move in which a young virgin woman is violently penetrated with a large stick before being raped. The man screams with rage as he ejaculates inside her then scalps her as a sign of permanent ownership.
"Last night I pulled the Leif Erickson with Laura. She hasn't returned any of my texts since then."
by Thjodhildur October 17, 2011
Drew Erickson

A guy who copies you answers all the time and sucks at Brawlhalla
Drew Erickson is a legendary Brawlhalla player.
by Drew Sucks 123 September 23, 2019
A young brown boy with a lot of heart, and a lot of douche. What he lacks in the penis department he makes up for in douche powers.
Ah! Jon Erickson just douche-shit all over my birthday party!
by jerone johnson May 25, 2011