He's more of an experience than a person, almost tough to explain. The pure sexually degenerative energy coming off of him is powerful enough that you might as well rename him Erection and it wouldn't change anything. Distract him from visiting areas where children are present with anime or else things will get... messy. He's both simultaneously the best and worst person you'll ever meet. Protect your weenuses (weeni?) at all costs. Aim for his nipples, they're his only weak spot.
John: Hey look here comes Erickson.
Brandon: I want him to fuck me in the ass so hard.
John: ... What the fuck Brandon...
by N. Provencian Degenerate May 12, 2018
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The act of waiting waaaay too fucking long to drop the “I have a boyfriend/girlfriend” bomb on the person you’re talking to.
I can’t believe I just got Ericksoned. I talked to that girl for two hours and bought her four drinks before she told me she was getting married next week!
by MojoKaplan June 08, 2018
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