Swedish name... translate to SON of ERICK
Erickson = SON of ERICK
by Frawgeez August 23, 2008
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First name not last. This guy is destined to become #1, or the top, or the best at many things. It won’t start off looking like this though. In fact, the first part of his life will be so ruff that you wouldn’t think it be possible. Erickson is a REAL leader. But he doesn’t know it because he doesn’t try to lead anyone. He just does his own thing. Believes so strongly in his code that it will never change. If your lucky enough to fall in love with an Erickson, don’t walk away. Once he walks away he won’t ever turn back. Often looked at as “crazy”. You may never fully understand him. But he will care and protect the ones he loves no matter what danger he’s faced with. Is definitely his own man.
Hey! Who’s that walking by!? “

Oh. That’s Erickson, “
by Sopty pippin top February 1, 2022
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A girl that smells like moldy coconuts. Always farting and looking at boys. Jealous of her brothers cause they have 8 girlfriends. No matter what you do she will never be content
Jada Erickson be stanky
by BigBoyu02 June 3, 2019
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A young scenester from Colorado. He liked playing the guitar, AHS and Dead by Daylight.

Now what makes him so special, that I should write about him? Well, when he was 18, he and a friend, Alec McKinney, went on a school shooting at STEM Highlands Ranch. It ended with one student dead and 8 others injured. (2 were accidentally hit by police).

He is currently serving life in prison.
Devon Erickson has a fangirl base down in South America. Why? He was a singer and had good looks. Most of them overlook the fact that he was a bully, glorified killing and murdered someone.
by streetshad0ws August 14, 2021
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A smelly young man usually of the Arabian decent. A Zach Erickson is often used as a reference to the pilot of the plane that struck the first tower of the World Trade Center. You do not want to be a Zach Erickson.
“Shit look up it’s Zach Erickson heading for the towers!”
“Fuck you Zach Erickson you smelly Arab
by Grosselfinger July 24, 2022
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Verb: A sex move in which a young virgin woman is violently penetrated with a large stick before being raped. The man screams with rage as he ejaculates inside her then scalps her as a sign of permanent ownership.
"Last night I pulled the Leif Erickson with Laura. She hasn't returned any of my texts since then."
by Thjodhildur October 17, 2011
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Drew Erickson

A guy who copies you answers all the time and sucks at Brawlhalla
Drew Erickson is a legendary Brawlhalla player.
by Drew Sucks 123 September 23, 2019
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