4 definitions by chris neaves

grind music, but with revolting sound effects ranging from farts and diareah to vomiting and killing, actuaally hardly any playing sometimes
example:- 'anal penentration', funny band they are
by chris neaves January 6, 2004
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when u have that tickly/achey feeling along the line where your gooch is
'dude i got a fucking bad ache in my vinal gooch
by chris neaves April 28, 2004
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a small and funnier word for nipples, mostly used for quite pokey nipples
go suck edwards nip nips
by chris neaves April 18, 2004
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the line of softcore rock to hardcore rock(or should i say metal lol)

goes like this

good charlotte, sum41, blink182, kerrang tv basically
then you get a bit more severe like paparoach, limpbizkit
then to stuff like metallica, korn,system of a down' godsmack,

linkinpark, cky
then it moves further on to ironmaiden, motorhead black sabbath, judas


then it goes even heavier to bands like (oh my god)PANTERA, and exodus
then to the limit you go to stuff like gorgasm, cannibal corpse,

mortician, burnt by the sun-these are death metal and doom metal bands
then to take the fucking piss there is music called noisecore,

grindcore, goregrind, mathcore, proggresive death, coprogrind,

pornogrind, deathcore NOISECORE BABY, these last ones are wat we call

gore rotted, serenade of a matyr, well basically anything thatis reviewed or shown in terrorizer magazine
by chris neaves January 6, 2004
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