Japanese nigga, derived from Nippon.
konnichiwa my nippa
by Njlamp November 10, 2017
It means cool or good. It was used primarily by teenagers in the 1970's in upstate New Hampshire and Maine.
Julia: I just got back from Greece.
Max: Nippa.
by Newbury January 10, 2005
A young Irish lad who is either looking for alcohol or is already intoxicated.
Often used as a derogatory term or a playful jab at someone who looks younger than they are.
Luke: I was thinking about going out on Saturday but I never get in to clubs.
Tomo: That's 'cause you're only a Nippa.
by xV-Nippa-Vx March 9, 2014
a good looking female, or food that looks enticing
"oh! she is nippas"

"give me a nippas on your burger" see nips
by horgsyall May 28, 2009