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To cease from performing an action. To stop.
She ate three cheesburgers at dinner last night. She needs to curb her eating habbit.

You spent $900 on shoes last month, you need to curb your spending.
by Newbury December 30, 2004
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It means cool or good. It was used primarily by teenagers in the 1970's in upstate New Hampshire and Maine.
Julia: I just got back from Greece.
Max: Nippa.
by Newbury January 09, 2005
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An 'out of the ordinary' individual who just by being themselves, will constantly commit faux pas perceived as lude or inappropriate.
Things a crassmonkey might do:
*Eat Swedish Fish found on a park bench
*Pick his nose in public
*Eat the butt end roach of a joint to refrain from wasting pot
*Burp often
by Newbury December 29, 2004
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