3 definitions by Newbury

It means cool or good. It was used primarily by teenagers in the 1970's in upstate New Hampshire and Maine.
Julia: I just got back from Greece.
Max: Nippa.
by Newbury January 10, 2005
To cease from performing an action. To stop.
She ate three cheesburgers at dinner last night. She needs to curb her eating habbit.

You spent $900 on shoes last month, you need to curb your spending.
by Newbury December 30, 2005
An 'out of the ordinary' individual who just by being themselves, will constantly commit faux pas perceived as lude or inappropriate.
Things a crassmonkey might do:
*Eat Swedish Fish found on a park bench
*Pick his nose in public
*Eat the butt end roach of a joint to refrain from wasting pot
*Burp often
by Newbury December 29, 2005