1. Someone who is slippery/dodgy and participates in acts of skullduggary.
2. Derogative term used to describe a woman, pertaining to her chastity and lack of "virtue".
3. Term used to describe a cunt/prick who pisses you off.
1. Omg that slippa stole my car hes so slippary!
2. Yeh yo momma shes a little slippa ;).
3. Stay away from my bins Reza ya big slippa!
by DeaD April 10, 2003
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a slippa is a black male who is a asshole and just uses you for a chewy (or blowjob) particularly a white girl.
he just wanted a chewy, what a slippa?

i don't fuck with you slippa. you just want a chewy !
by Sierra e March 20, 2017
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to escape reality in pursuit of a permanent dream-like state of mind.
Do what you enjoy most in life and time will slippa
by Dream shredder January 21, 2018
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