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- an unfortunate event, being screwed over

getting screwed over = getting nigged

screwing somebody over = nigging them

the screw over itself = nig

particularly when someone has found something that benefits them in some way, and another manages to take the benefits for himself
I found a penny on the ground, you took it, you nigged me.
I need a cigarette, mind if I nig your last smoke?
by York March 28, 2004

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A pretty good song by Nirvana. This was Kurt's favorite song that he wrote. His second favorite is Pennyroyal Tea.
Chew your meat for you
pass it back and forth
in a passionate kiss
from my mouth to yours
I Like you
by York April 20, 2004

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A song with strange quotes such as doll steak and test meat. Sometimes it feels like hes just bloating out random words but the song structure is still very good. Kurt Cobain is the best screamer out there.
Kurt's mind was deffinatly different from ours.
by York April 24, 2004

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noun, the side flaps of the female genitalia

originates in english class, cunt flaps was one of the hang man answers i made for shamus, we were bored
-That chicks got massive cunt flaps, dirty!
by York March 28, 2004

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a sex move where after anal sex, the male ejaculates at the top of the buttox crack, and watches his semen run down the anus and then vagina
I love giving my women the runny buttertart.
by York March 28, 2004

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an ugly girl and/or the face of an ugly girl, can be used at both

originates from Windsor Ontario

i believe it was derived from mug meaning face, and hit being an abrasive, ugly sounding word
-Dude that chicks a hit mug.
-(ugly girl walks by, someone yells) HIT MUG!!!!
-Dude, that chicks got a hit mug!
by York March 28, 2004

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