Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Formed in 1875 to keep the law in the Yukon, and Northwest Territories. originally the North-West Mounted Police, until 1878 when they recieved a royal charter by HM the King, and became the Royal North West Mounted Police, then in 1879, the RCMP. The early recruiters looked for a tall man 6'3 or so, with excellent equestrian skills. This can today be seen in the famous 'Musical Ride' The original uniform of a Red Surge, blue breeches, and a stetson was normal attire until the 1980s when a more modernized police uniform was introduced, the red-surge is now only used for ceremonial purposes. The Mounted Police now serve as Canada's police force, both Federal, and for provinces which do not have their own police force, and still, although now in modern vehicles instead of horses, keep the law in the Northwest Territories.
RCMP-GRC- Gendarmerie Royale du Canada
by Cst. TWillis April 29, 2007
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Royal Canadian Mounted Police. They wear red shirts and ride around Canada dispensing justice.

See wordMountie/word
Hide the body. Here comes the RCMP.
by GringoSuperStar June 3, 2003
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Or. See Mountie The RCMP was put together by Canadians to protect the First Peoples from American traders and hunters. While the Americans took a genocidal approach to the first inhabitants of North America, Canadians put up measures to protect them. Just another example of Canadians' peacefulness and generosity toward one another.
Wow, those RCMP are helping the natives. To think, American police beat minorities!?!?
by Lehigh October 6, 2004
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Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Also known as the pinnacle of law enforcement. Other cops dream of becoming one. Put up with shit most other Police would whine to their unions about, because sometimes shit just needs to get done.

Known for their polite nature, until polite no longer works. Then shift gears to other tactics which often result in ones ass being handed to them.
"That RCMP officer was so nice until I told him to fuck off. Then I woke up in this hospital bed."
by Blackhorse7 December 4, 2011
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drunk ass red coats that beat up indians from time to time.
RCMP always chasin me, cause i stole six packs of Lysol
by just another cree May 11, 2018
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The Canadian Police Force that ensures all males in Canada have circucmcisions according to the law. The RCMP protects you from yourself and also ensures all fun activities such as ATV's and automatic weapons are illegal.
It's extremely hard to murder someone in Canada because the RCMP ensures Canadaians cannot purchase silencers unlike their smarter, more free American counteparts.

If you act like an idiot they will promptly fire their nines at you and leave you paralyzed and in a wheelchair.
They're usualy white, ugly, stupid, pasty and have large testicles. They drive Crown Victorias so they can seriously fuck you up if they have to.
I dont feel like using RCMP in an example.
by aaad November 25, 2005
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Royal Canadian Mounted Police

A group of non-corrupt, polite and nice police officers mainly in Canada. They can often be found at Tim Hortons drinking Ice Caps and butter pecan tarts.
"Phew! It's just the RCMP behind me. Nothing to worry about."
by Macbeth42 May 13, 2005
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