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Place in Georgia. Home Of the EAST COWETA INDIANS, No alcohol on sundays,no liquor stores, home of like 4(maybe more) waffle houses, PeachTree Landing, Summergrove(eww), Mexican Sundays at Wal-Mart, retards who stop for green lights, Ga.'s largest mall that will never be, home of Alan Jackson, the newly remodeled Taco Bell, home of soon to be famous rapper BINGO (hahaha), lots of rich people (snobbly white folks), poor people (mexicans, rednecks, trailer trash, black folks-excluding my crazy car washing obsessed neigbors-,me and my homies), Home of the Barbie Beach in the old couples front yard (old man playin with barbies yeah thats scary), home of the welcome to Newnan sign in the middle of Newnan (not at the beginning), MLK use to chill here, Newnan is the City of Homes, only place ( i hope) in the world that has had a spatula on the side of the road for 5yrs now and home of the retard (me) who checks to see if its there everytime I drive by, some movies were filmed downtown(can't remember which) oh yeah the new movie broken bridges was filmed in newnan or some of it, i think we also have the country's worst cummute to work or somethin like that, a dunkin dognuts that has never seen a cop( mostly cuz their at waffle house), and in short one of the most boring yet awesome cities southwest of atlanta. If you look at a Ga. map you won't see every city but you will see Newnan. Oh and the biggest hangout (unfortunatly) is you guessed it wal-mart.
"Hey wanna get trashed"

"Man we can't we live in Newnan"

"ok Lets go to PeachTree Landing and buy some crack"

"Yeah then we can make fun of the retards in summergrove"

"Fo' shiggidy my weeble"
by Lacey Rhiannon November 23, 2006
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A city full of the same old hoes and players. Middle schoolers & high schoolers talk about everybody, so there has never been peace. Everyone talks about everyone & if you 'talk' or fuck or do something sexual to someone even once, everyone will know the next day.
In Newnan, most of the time, all you hear is 'bloods' and 'crips' in peoples mouths, who claim they reppinn that gang. Also, people always saying 'westside' and 'eastside'. Also, alot of beef is on Twitter now, so if you follow people around here, you'll know who's fucking who, who's pregnant, who died, etc.

Teenagers usually hang out at Newnan games and the rollerskating place, but since you're not allowed to walk around at Newnan games nomo.. not alot of people go. Also, white girls act black & go with black boys. And black girls act white & go with white boys. (not always, but 60% of the time, that is what happens)
But overall, Newnan is a shitty/interesting town, and I advise anyone who is thinking about moving here, to please DON'T.
Person #1 : You stay in Newnan?
Person #2 : *sighs* yep.
Person #1 : ....I'm really sorry.
by Im Unknown . October 09, 2012
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A unremarkable city located southwest of Atlanta. common phrases in this city are "what do you want to do?" This question is usually followed by playing video games or getting high because theres virtually nothing else to do here. The teen pregnancy rate is insane because people just fuck cuz theyre bored. They got a place called Assley Park which is basically a giant crater filled with ancient dinosaur shit. They have a bowling alley where all the rednecks/hoes spend all their high school years. Umm.....they got like 20 public housing complexes near the downtown area...that's really all there is to see of newnan now that fuckin hastings shut down. Do yourself a favor and never visit this shit hole.
Dude 1: I gotta pee. What exit is this? Newnan? Can we stop here?

by classyshit January 29, 2012
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The fucking town I live in, right outside of A-TOWN BITCH!! yeah
"where u from nigga?"

"straight outta newnan nigga"
by Jackson bizzock November 03, 2004
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