"I'm Actually Laughing"
It has come to attention that people often say 'lol', and that word has no meaning anywhere. You never know whether or not the person has actually laughed, unless they say, "dude, that was so funny, i'm laughing!". However, saying that often kills a joke.
"I Actually Lol'ed" doesn't work either since 'lol' has no definitive meaning.
IAL signifies that a person is actually laughing. Laughter has a meaning that everyone knows. If not, get some friends or read a joke book.
"... then I said, where do you get YOUR clothes from? The toilet store?"
"i completely understand what you are saying"
"dude don't kill it"
by deathsupport February 16, 2007
I Am Lazy. Used in an FML-like manner to describe situations of extreme laziness.
I really wanted to hook up with her but her room was farther away from the party than mine was. So I just went home. IAL.

I want orange juice from my refrigerator, which is within arm's reach. But I would have to get out of my chair to get the juice from the back of the fridge. Soo I'm going to go thirsty. IAL.
by The Bread is Laughing at Me February 21, 2010
A common acronym for the term I Am Laughing. Very popular among Philadelphia youth. It is used instead of lol because lol is overdone.
Girl 1: Did you buy your clothes from Goodwill?
Girl 2: Burn!!!
Girl 3: IAL!
by AcronymSavvy August 3, 2009
I am actually laughing.

This is an alternative to the widely spread 'Lol' that holds no meaning. While 'Lol' is almost ironic, and used as a sentence filler, IAL implies actual hearty laughter. Used in IM speak.
Bob: I find Andrea Dworkin sexually arousing.
Tom: IAL!
by La Belle Dame Sans Merci April 7, 2011
Friend1: I need a ride home tomorrow.
Friend2: Ask Karl, he'll give you rides all day long.
Friend2&Karl: IAL
by IALatYou June 14, 2010
(person 1) Guess what..

(person 2)What
(person 1) i just ran into a wall
(person 2) IAL
(Person 1) what are you talking about
(person2) im actually laughing
by the inventor of this word (ds) September 14, 2010
Acronymn for "I Actually LOL'd".

Best used in conversations where people use "LOL" all over the place, but aren't actually Laughing Out Loud.
Dude, that was so funny. IAL!
by Hellvetica January 15, 2004