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typically overweight pissed off employee of some shit company ie: waffle house, ihop. who tends to have anger issues with anyone else we call "people".
Person 1: hey i need an omelet!
Short order cook: go to hell!
by classyshit October 27, 2011
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A unremarkable city located southwest of Atlanta. common phrases in this city are "what do you want to do?" This question is usually followed by playing video games or getting high because theres virtually nothing else to do here. The teen pregnancy rate is insane because people just fuck cuz theyre bored. They got a place called Assley Park which is basically a giant crater filled with ancient dinosaur shit. They have a bowling alley where all the rednecks/hoes spend all their high school years. Umm.....they got like 20 public housing complexes near the downtown area...that's really all there is to see of newnan now that fuckin hastings shut down. Do yourself a favor and never visit this shit hole.
Dude 1: I gotta pee. What exit is this? Newnan? Can we stop here?

by classyshit January 29, 2012
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When you use a bike to bludgen someone to death and/or run over them multiple times until they are dead. Common in childhood psychotics as well as adolescent schizophrenics.
Judge: I now condemn you, Harry the Homicidal Henderson, guily of bicicular homicide!

Harry: I swear they were dead before I ran over them 20 times!
by classyshit April 24, 2012
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Anarcho punk band started in 1979 by former members of The Mental and The Stupid Humans. Lead singer Dick Lucas also sang for Culture Shock and Citizen Fish. Also featured in a song by A Global Parasite called "Seven Seven". The Subhumans were put on Flux of Pink Indians label after sending a demo to them. After this they formed BLUURG records
Person 1: who are the subhumans?
Person 2: fuckin awesome
by classyshit January 18, 2012
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