That class is 7A
by Kamba97 December 22, 2019
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7a is the best most wonderful class a teacher could teacher, a school could have and its just the best ok. It's got wonderfully kind people and it's so lively. We have drama. And we ship good people together w good people so therefore we get the good ships and we also have very nice girls in our class they are beautiful and very nice . The boys are ok. Not the best but they are still very funny.
I don't need a bloody example to show how 7A is the best 😒
by nucleus<3 February 9, 2022
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The feeling you get when you love someone so much it hurts to be near them but you feel defeated when you are away from them. Can bring you to tears when you're alone because you didnt think it was possible to feel so much passion towards a single human being
Girl 1: it just hurts to be away from him!

Girl 2: uh oh looks like you've got the 7a feels

Girl 3: oh shit!
by The lonely handle November 3, 2016
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The most iconic class in the school
Been together since the year before year 1
Pretty gay
also kinda toxic tbh
Sometimes ur ashamed of being in it but sometimes ur proud
Someone from Year 7B: we're better than 7a

Someone from Year 7A: we've been in the school longer than you so shut up
Someone from Year 7B: Atleast we aren't gay LOL
by shmiigyツ April 8, 2022
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He is the weirdest guy in the whole class, if you smell his breath you will die.
Aron: jeg hater deg Joris 7a
by Urban Bictionary September 13, 2021
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