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Girl on Myspace who thinks she owns the fucking universe. She thinks she's so pretty, when really she's too conceited.
"Look at that girl's Myspace pictures, she takes so many. What an Assley."
by SparkleyRaindeer January 02, 2010
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She is a total ass and a bitch. She fucking tells everyone's secrets if they tell her something! She is a slut and a whore. She is also a homophobic and she is racist. She's also extremely annoying and follows everyone around. She also tells people to kill themselves for no reason. If someone says they have a crush she's like "TELL ME! TELL ME!" when the person does not want to tell anyone their crush. She also chases them around until they tell her.
Assley "How about you go kill yourself!"
Person "Wow. Assley, you are just rude! No one should tell anyone else to kill themselves!"
Person "I have a crush.."
Assley "Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! Now!"
Person "Sorry, no."
Assley is chasing the person around.
by assley's number 1 hater November 24, 2018
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"Assley" is a term used to describe how thick or rich a certain brand of toilet paper is. Industrial toilet paper that can be found in public schools and businesses is of generic brand, thus not very assley. On the other hand, certain brands that can be bought at department stores can often have double or even triple ply. These brands often require less usage as they are prone to clog the toilet if used in excess. Rule of thumb for using assley toilet paper: less is more.
If you're going to the washroom for a hearty #2, don't use too much toilet paper. The toilet paper in the washroom is very assley.
by Ruperto San Sangelo November 01, 2017
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Brah, dey no call her Assley foa nottin'.
by KS March 29, 2005
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a short cute Mexican with black hair, brown eyes, big tits, a nice ass. and an awesome hubby named alex that fucks her in the ass every night.
by ashleyAnalFucker April 28, 2013
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my good fren also known as antay koa
we no call her assley foa notin its cuz she kick ass
by kele April 06, 2005
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