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1. A common response when getting a text from an unknown number. Can be used even if your phone isn't new.
2. Using the above tactic to belittle someone you do, in fact, know.
3. A title of a diss track from an episode of You're The Worst.
"hey i'm in town tonight! let's hit the clubs"
"new phone who dis?"

"i'm pregnant"
" phone who dis?"

"Did you see last night's You're The Worst? My favorite part was when Sam rapped 'new phone who is.'"
"Such a great scene. We've all been there amirite?"
by suddenvalley January 21, 2016
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Slang phrase used on text to avoid conversations with:
1. Someone you owe money to.

2. An Ex lover.
3. Nagging wife.
4. Someone you embarrassed yourself to.
5. Annoying boss.
6. Nagging wife again
Landlord : Have you paid your rent?
Tenant : New phone who dis?
by Laquisha DeeVa January 09, 2018
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