Danny boy is a boy that made you feel comfortable right away, a person that you can share everything with and know that they wouldn't judge you. A person who knows what your thinking by just reading your expressions or looking into your eyes. Someone that you can talk to for hours without getting bored. The sweetest guy you'll meet.. that's a danny boy.
That's my danny boy
by ChubbyxGrape August 8, 2008
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The most amazing individual you will ever meet. Her eyes more scintillating than the northern lights. Her smile just as contagious as her laugh. She is one of the most intellectual individuals you will ever meet, yet she remains humble. Her soul and heart as pure as the eyes of a new born and as beautiful as her outward appearance. She owns a room as soon as she walks in. She likes seafood and avocados and wants to watch the sun set/rise with her s/o.
I want to take danny boy to watch the sun set/rise while she eats chai tea
by I'm.indian. November 24, 2021
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When you have an erection and your step bro walks in.
Oh man you know Danny boy happened last night🍆😩
by He's gee rection September 30, 2019
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A Danny Boy is a boy who's the best guy in the world. He's the one you can always talk to and end up happy. Along with his gorgeous personality, he loves the head-banging hardcore rock, metal, some screamo and more. He loves to sing, but is rather shy about it. To top it off, he's around 5'10, amazing, and perfect to the girls that get to know him. But, a lucky girl has stolen his heart and is keeping it away from anyone else.
Jamie: Wow, that's a fine Danni boy
Amy: Hands off, he's mine!
by Animay Angel January 16, 2010
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The act of drinking an entire bottle (or the remaining amount) of alcohol by oneself in a sitting, and then proceeding to smash the bottle into the ground upon completion.
Kathleen: Where is the bottle of fireball?
Shannon: I Danny Boy'd the shit out of it!
Kathleen: Godammit Shannon, I wanted some!!
by minamino2 February 19, 2015
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The guy who you've known since you were 9 years old and you will still be crazy about when you're 99 years old. You probably met at a Little League baseball game and before you knew it you were going to prom together. He's a little obsessed with computers, maps, and food... but you love him for it. There's no other person in the whole world who you'd want to be with when in their car singing to billy or james for hours on end, or laying in bed doing nothing for hours and not getting bored, or surviving grandmothers singing at their own 80th birthday parties, or heavens! driving past cows for over an hour to a closed damn museum, or surviving crazy friends who you're not even sure why you're friends with in the first place, or riding bikes with to Carvel when you're 18 years old, or exploring houses still in construction and having fun in the attic, or blacking out on new years together, or having the best night of your life going to nyc and riding a bicycle cab, or driving 8 hours just to see their cute face for a day and a half, or talking to them everyday just to hear their voice for a little bit. Basically you're crazy about them and can't even express it in words. That's Danny Boy for you.
"Gosh, I love that Danny Boy... he is so sweet."
by colly wally February 27, 2006
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A boy in a mans world, Danny Boy is usually associated with an owner or a "Charles". Danny Boy contains a special liquid in is upper chest area known as "Danny Juice". Danny Juice is a very rare liquid that works as a universal liquid helping any situation, making the Danny Boy very valuable. A Charles is very defensive about his Danny boy due to the competition and pirating of Danny Juice. Danny Boy often squeal and run but are usually caught by their Charles. When the time comes Danny Boy transform into a creature known as "Danny Man"
Lenny: Did you hear squealing?

Bobilly: Yeah it was probably Danny Boy
by Super_Charles June 2, 2014
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