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When you want to fuck a girl badly, and you let her know she'd look good naked.
M: Hey, want to go to the beach tomorrow?
F: Sure. I can't wait.
M: That's awesome. And might I add, you'd look good in pinstripes.
by DarkClent31 May 17, 2018
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When you get a stroke of amazing luck when everything seems to be going desolate in your life.
New Phone--Who Dis? In a high school context.
Just when Danny boy thought he got a 60 on his math test, Mr. Tunik handed it back to him and said, "Danny boy--oh Danny boy." Singing with a nice symphony for the class to hear. Danny was afraid to even look at the test because he knew Mr. Tuink loved to troll everyone, so starting from the back page, Danny looked through every question to see where he lost points. Page-by-page, there were no red marks--or any negative marks for that matter. When Danny reached the front page it said, "See me after, class, I'm afraid you got everything wrong." Danny in disgust cocked his head back and let out a gasp as his life was passing him, since he was failing in school. His crush, Jennifer, looked over at him and told him she got a 5. She asked him if he was interested in forming a study group with her at her place once a week. Danny quickly told her, yes-- and once the class is dismissed, Danny walked out like a beast without talking to Mr. Tunik and said, "New phone--who dis!"
by DarkClent31 December 12, 2019
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An evil-spirited, hawk-nosed, blonde-headed CUNT!
Mike: Hey, man. I just met this girl for the third time, and she still forgot my name. She later went to the bar and hooked up with two guys that night. I don't hate on anyone, you know me, however, this chick's the definition of a cunt. Look her up on Urban Dictionary and her picture is there.

Joey: Bro, you're dealing with a Natalie Dokic. Blow it up and let her slut around.

Mike: Who said I was ever interested? I'm just really bothered. Oh, and I know a Natalie Dokic, she's a hawk-nosed cunt that needs ten pounds of make-up to look presentable.

Joey: Ah, what a coincidence. So we both know the cunt.

Mike: Sure do.

Joey: Dudes.

And with that Mike, Joey and the gang went off into the night.
by DarkClent31 March 6, 2019
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When you want to say goodbye to a girl after a terrible first date. You’re uncomfortable and you just want to get it over with, so you whisper to her, “Come here, baby.”
Rock of Love season 1, when Bret wanted to eliminate Dallas, he wanted to get it done and over with so bad in order to save him and her the humiliation of dragging it out that he whispered, “Come here, baby.” Dallas proceeded to ignore him and make the i studios terrible for everyone. Instead of ghosting like bitches, let’s make people know they’re not getting a second date with this saying.
by DarkClent31 June 26, 2019
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The complete package of alpha dog. Anytime someone asks you if you can do something hard—hit them up with this punch-line. Your peers will know what the fuck is up.
Stephanie: “Hey, Jordan you big Jew-nosed, egorgian bitch, can you even bench 100 pounds.”

Jordan: “Urghhh. I don’t know.”

Stephanie: “What about you, Dalton?”

Dalton: “Sure, Baby, My Kung Fu Is Best.”

Dalton proceeds to bench 300 pounds since those with kung fu that is best can do such acts
by DarkClent31 June 26, 2019
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