2 definitions by suddenvalley

1. A common response when getting a text from an unknown number. Can be used even if your phone isn't new.
2. Using the above tactic to belittle someone you do, in fact, know.
3. A title of a diss track from an episode of You're The Worst.
"hey i'm in town tonight! let's hit the clubs"
"new phone who dis?"

"i'm pregnant"
"uhhhh...new phone who dis?"

"Did you see last night's You're The Worst? My favorite part was when Sam rapped 'new phone who is.'"
"Such a great scene. We've all been there amirite?"
by suddenvalley November 16, 2015
Definitely not a drinking game that involves lining up glasses in a triangle and bouncing quarters into them. That game is called "Quarters."

Most likely a popular activity with certain Georgetown Prep boys in the 1980's.
"Did you hear Brett Kavanaugh's bullshit explanation for what 'Devil's Triangle' means?"
"Yup, he must think no one has access to Google."
by suddenvalley September 27, 2018