that gal has ''boyce''
by wowo January 26, 2004
A gorgeous girl, celebrated for her noticeable radiance and virtuosity. Often found using witticism and jest. An agreeable and congenial personality.
I love that girl.. she's a real Boyce.
by jannyking January 25, 2004
Pretty much the tiniest town in Virginia. Located in Clarke County, just outside of Winchester. It's filled with country lovin hicks and rednecks but it's great. There's nothing to do but enjoy the country. Or hate the country. Your choice.
Person One: where are you from?
Person Two: Boyce, Virginia
Person One: where??
Person Two: uhhh.... Winchester.
Person One: oh okay.
by LilTown June 24, 2013
Boyce, a well hung guy, get at sex, polite and fucking sexy. If you meet a Boyce you would say " that man is awesome, and has a huge dick" A Boyce will always listen to you if your in trouble. A boy is the best dude ever
That must be a Boyce
by Sexyassboyce September 29, 2018
1. To boyce, verb. To be a cunt to your friends after embarking on a relationship, esp. by cancelling plans

2. To generally ignore one's friends' existance, eg ignoring calls / reluctance to see friends/ not wishing them happy birthday, esp. as a result of relationship

3. To let yourself become a fat, four-eyed geek through personal neglect

4. Boycism, noun. Dangerous school of thought / the behavioural patterens advocated therein, which states that the above behaviours are acceptable and in no way cuntish.
1. "Where's Dave? Bloody hell dont tell me hes boyced us again?!"

2. "I can't believe it! Im getting married today and Danny, my so called Best Man, has fucked off to Paris with his girlfriend! And now his phone's off! Gentlemen, we've been boyced."

3. "I would only go out with that fat midget bird if I had seriously boyced myself over the years."

4. "I can't stand this guy's boycism a second longer. Let's kill him."
by hewhowasboyced August 23, 2008
someone who is acting like a bunch of young boys.
Ex. Jeremie "hey nick your a fat head"
Nick "Hey boyce, y dont you go touch yourself"
by Boyce toucher 1000 November 30, 2006
Answering a question not asked of you, answering a question with excessive detail, proving a highly technical answer to a casual question
Tom "Hey Matt, what time is it?"
Steve "It is 8:43"
Tom "Stop Boycing me"

Stan "Hey, how hot is supposed to get today?"
Ryan "It's supposed to be 110 degrees Fahrenheit with relative humidity of 12.5%, no wind and a heat index of 107. The UV intensity will be 10 out of 16 and the temperature today will be highest it has been since this day in 1972."
Stan "Hey man, stop boycing me"

Jon "Is that a '69 Mustang?"
Patrick "Yeah it has the 302 cu in (4.9 L) Windsor V8 (1969–1970) 2-barrel, which puts out 210 bhp (157 kW; 213 PS) @ 4,600 and 300 lb·ft of torque (407 N·m) @ 2,600."
Jon "That's a total Boyce answer."
by sinbad91 June 5, 2014