Not really a state, it is actually more like 4 states:
-State of New York City
-State of Westchester County
-State of Long Island
-State of Upstate

None of these 4 areas has anything in common with the other 3.
The state line is at the Tappanzee Bridge.
by f djasfkzsdjds April 16, 2004
People(definition 1 and 4) tend to forget that there is more to the state of New York than just New York City and Buffalo. Central New York is composed of cities and towns that aren't quite "upstate", despite the fact that someone from the City would assume that anything north is upstate.

These cities include Utica, New Hartford, Clinton, Holland Patent, Syracuse, Oneida, Rome, Ithaca, and other such cities/towns.

There are many hick areas that also make up CNY, but even CNYers forget about them.

Definition 4 was close to being right, but seemed to be unaware that the CNY community is close-knit would not consider themselves "midwestern New Yorkers".
CNY- home of tomato pie, half moons, and chicken riggies. By far the best area in all of new york state
by ohyouknowwhoIam January 10, 2008
The name for all the forgotten land north of Metro NYC and west of New England. If you say you're from New York, people immediately picture glamorous Manhattan. But then when you tell them you're from Buffalo or Syracuse they get disappointed.
New Yorker: I'm from New York
Easy girl: OMG, NYC?! Can you take me to Broadway shows and to see fireworks from the top of the Empire State Building?
New Yorker: Sure thing. *winks cause he knows he's getting some*

New York Stater: I'm from New York
Easy girl: OMG, NYC?! Can you take me to Broadway shows and to see fireworks from the top of the Empire State Building?
New York Stater: Actually....I'm from Rochester.
Easy girl: Well, I've gotta run!
a pleasant state of America that has many exciting attractions such as the Great American Kazoo Factory (in Eden), Niagara Falls, New York City attractions, and several Iroquois Indian reservations where you can stock up on gas and other stuff without paying a state tax (all the money goes back to the Native American community)!
Eveywhere I went in New York State I couldn't find a "I-heart-NY" shirt. I do love New York State, a lot.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice November 20, 2006
a land mass put in place to quarantine(sic) new england from the rest of the country. not sure if it's for their good or ours
welcome to new england. please enjoy our attractions, spend your money, and then leave
by bob b March 15, 2004
An overtaxed hell hole in the North Eastern United States that has moronic law makers, sky high taxes, and shitty weather for 5 months of the year.
It's another cloudy New York State day!
by justin March 10, 2008
1) Great song by rapper NaS from his legendary Illmatic
2) Song by singer Billy Joel
3) Trying to make fast money by illegal activities
1) I lay puzzled as I backtrack the earlier times/nothing's equivelant to the New York State of Mind

2) I've left them all behind/I'm in a New York state of mind

3) Guy 1: I feel like doing a robbery
Guy 2: Man, you're in a New York State of Mind
by lifeislikeadicegame October 18, 2010