8 definitions by lifeislikeadicegame

1) Great song by rapper NaS from his legendary Illmatic
2) Song by singer Billy Joel
3) Trying to make fast money by illegal activities
1) I lay puzzled as I backtrack the earlier times/nothing's equivelant to the New York State of Mind

2) I've left them all behind/I'm in a New York state of mind

3) Guy 1: I feel like doing a robbery
Guy 2: Man, you're in a New York State of Mind
by lifeislikeadicegame October 18, 2010
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The metaphorical key one individual is holding within a group.
Whoever is holding this key has been the last one to ruin his/her, what seemed to be, 100% chance of getting laid.
Named after pandas because pandas never f*ck.
(The morning after a party)
1: Oh man, I hate myself
2: Why, what's happened?
1: You know that chick last night? The one who was flirting with me all night? When she told me she was leaving and going home all by herself, you know what I said to her? "Goodbye".
2: Hahaha, you, my friend, have just been given the panda key.
by lifeislikeadicegame March 27, 2011
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When somebody is constantly reloading his gun in a game, mostly in FPS shooters like Call of Duty, to make sure he/she doesn't run out of bullets in close quarters combat, even though his clip is almost entirely full.

Somebody that has a reloaddiction (aka "reloadaholic") doesn't care how much time the process of reloading will take, nor if it's necessary, nor if it puts them in danger of getting killed. A reloadaholic will never walk with a gun without a fully loaded clip.
(one guy playing CoD, other one's watching)

Guy2: Holy shit dude, I just saw three guys going around the corner, get them!

Guy1: Hold on, gotta reload first

Guy2: Your clip is almost full, just get them before you lose them!

(Guy1 gets killed)

Guy2: You stupid shit. You got a serious reloaddiction, you know that?

Guy1: ..yeah so..??
by lifeislikeadicegame December 06, 2010
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1) Useless and uninteresting tweets about something nobody cares about, most probably the result of the overexcessive use of Twitter.

2) A large amount of tweets in a short period of time.

3) An unreadable tweet, probably due to textspeak.
1) Kim just tweeted: "getting out of bed". What a bunch of twitshit!

2) Damn, she just posted like 15 tweets in 45 minutes! She always postes twitshit like that

3) m1k3137: "cr@z7, 1 kn0 r1gh5??"
paul87: @m1k3137, twitshit!
by lifeislikeadicegame January 07, 2011
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Verb. To pretend getting respect. Hiphop-term made famous by Mobb Deep and even more famous by Pete Rock, using it as a sample in INI's "Fakin' Jax'
Ain't no time for fakin' jax, stop fakin' jax
Cause brothers that fake jax get laid on their backs
by lifeislikeadicegame December 06, 2010
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An argument used to prove that a Democrat can be a good president during a war, and not just a Republican.
For idiots who don't know who Franklin Delano Roosevelt was, he was the American president during WWII.
Guy 1: Why're you going to vote for Obama? Everyone knows Democrats cannot lead an army!

Guy 2: FDR was a Democrat.

Guy 1: You can't just make up acronyms and say they were presidents

Guy 2: (LOL) He was president during WWII ya idiot!
by lifeislikeadicegame November 04, 2010
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