A suburb to Utica in Central New York. It is typically stereotyped as an overly wealthy area. In fact, the people there are not as wealthy as people believe. Majority are average, middle class people. Students from other schools in the area consider New Hartford students to be snobs, jerks, and preps. The New Hartford area is a great area academically. The students are typically very bright. Worldwide recognition for their great AP (advanced placement) courses. They also have a phenomenal music and theater program. The area is also quite beautiful. Yes, there are the usual “ghetto” wannabes in the area, but mass numbers are not. All things considered, New Hartford is a descent area and is a good place to raise a family. Although many stereotypes ensue due to living in the area, there are no real issues there.
Hey did you you hear that we are going to be playing those New Hartford snobs in football tonight?

Yeah, but they really aren't that bad..

Are you kidding? They are loaded there!

No, they really aren't.
by Luminosityxxx April 4, 2009
1. Home to the the most "ghetto" non-black middle-upper class 9th graders in Central New York.

2. Suburb next to Utica
1. Wannabe-Black Kid: MAH YOU WHITEBOY!
Whiteboy: Shut the fuck up, you're not even black.

2. "Let's go to New Hartford!"
"Where's that?"
"Near Utica!"
"Let's not!"
by Murshaq October 12, 2006
An extremely wealthy suburb in upstate New York much like Greenwich, CT or Beverly Hills, CA. Don't even bother moving here in you're not a millionaire. Tourists, however, are always welcome.
Donald Trump: "I flew to New Hartford yesterday for a haircut."

Wealthy New Hartford man: "Let's go to my $500,000 mansion and rub whip cream on our bodies in front of the fire."

Wealthy New Hartford women: "When I'm depressed I like to roll around in a big pile of money to lift myself up."

Bumper Sticker on a New Hartford SUV: WHOEVER DIES WITH THE MOST TOYS WINS!
by Tim Jerome November 19, 2007
A little town in the 860 of Connecticut where EVERYBODY smokes weed. People spark joints out in the open air. Theres plenty of crack heads, houses, and dealers and theres plenty of heroine too(gross shit). Everybody knows everybody its a chill place. Despite the fact its in the country you better watch what you say because people here don't fuck around and everybody is either dirt poor or filthy rich. There is a legitimate "crew" that rolls deeper and harder then everybody in the surrounding towns put together. New Hartford is where its at.
New Hartford Kid: Your Fucked.

by You're Fucked December 25, 2008
A town in New York State, populated by white trash who think they're WASPs.
New Hartford guy: "We're going to our second home for the weekend."
Normal guy: "Second home? You own two trailers?"
by Rigatoni Tony September 9, 2020
the suburb of the city that god forgot (see utica)
let's go to new hartford!
-where's that?
near utica..
-where's that?
by billyisbest June 19, 2005
A small suburb located in Central New York.

Within the small town there are three points of interest:
1)The New Hartford High School
2)The Sangertown Mall
3)Marquee Cinemas
....and thats it.

The kids at the high school are typically classified as stuck-up rich bitches. Usually the kind of kids that think their shit doesn't stink and never have the balls to the things they preach about the hallways.
-NH Student #1: "I can't believe what that kid is going around saying about me being a pothead!"

-NH Student #2: "You only smoke it on the weekends!... that doesn't make you a pothead. You should kick his ass!"

-NH Student #1: "Yeah! I'm gonna kick that little faggot's ass!"

REALITY: The student from New Hartford, NY ends up pushing the kid talking about him out of the way and gives him a dirty look. Later that night he goes on Facebook and posts about how he's gonna kick the kids ass the next day, but never does...THE END.
by asd;kfjlk;as November 15, 2010