Iroquois is a powerful and influencial group, first nations/native americans. Their hairstyle, the mohican or mohawk is very well known around the world for punk culture.
Iroquois is a powerful race
by sweet jesus May 9, 2006
When you inject heroin through the urethra.
Yo bring a needle tonight and we can shoot some Iroquois Canoes.
Isn't that gay?
Not in the reservation it's not.
by showmethemknees February 2, 2015
Iroquois Springs is a sleep away camp where campers can stay for 3 or 6 weeks. Campers participate in all kinds of sports and arts. Campers make friends that will last them a life time! Campers and Staff will want to return year after year, and will never want to leave camp.
Iroquois Springs my home forever.

At Iroquois Springs, I play all of my favorite sports with all of my best friends!
by IScamper September 4, 2009
A Utility helicopter made by Bell Inc. Is very versatile and is nice during the Vietnam War.
by pylut May 10, 2021
the iroquois rowed out to the other side of the lake
by iroqouis64! November 18, 2022