The day before the real new years eve...Dec 30
Yo bro i woke up new years eve eve with a hangover thinking i had to party again tonight.
by Dino612 December 30, 2011
The day before the day before the new year.
Are you going to the New Year's Eve Eve party?
by Obamazing December 31, 2010
December 30. The day everyone looks back on 2011 and does everything 2011.
New Years Eve Eve

Dude1: Oh rememmber how we all said Swag and stuff

Dude2: yeah that was so WINNING

Dude1: Hey lets go to the Walmart where we hid out on the "rapture"

Dude2; LEGGO!
by WumboisHere December 29, 2011
The sudden inability of your friends to commit to attending your event or party out of fear that something better may come up that they wish to attend. This affliction presents most often around the New Years Eve holiday, where it gets its name, given the large number of competing parties to choose from.
"Are Bob and Susan coming tonight?"
"I don't know, they kept saying they weren't sure if they could make it."
"Sounds like New Year's Eve Syndrome; Mike decided today to throw a party tonight; they probably went there instead; a-holes."
by joeNJw October 19, 2018
The day before New Years Eve where everyone shoots down any invitations claiming that they're busy "preparing" for the party the next day. (Or just testing their annoying fireworks).
"Hey, wanna go out Friday night?"

"Are you kidding, it's New Years Eve Eve and I have way too much cooking and planning to do!"

-Looks at you like you're the dumbest liar on the planet-
by Fa La La La Derp December 29, 2011
When your have sex with your girlfriend vaginal and she has a open butt plug and you count down from 5 and drop your balls in her butthole
Hey babe wanna try the New Years Eve Ball Drop
by Pounder In Rear June 26, 2017
The 2020 to 2021 New Years eve that will likely go down in history as the most lame, uninspired and COVID suppressed transition in recorded history.
Hey, what were you doin' as the ball was dropping on 2020?
Ahhh, well I was getting drunk, practicing social distancing, and giving the stink eye to the anti-vaxxers and Trumpites protesting mask wearing, inoculation and science, in general.
New Years Suckin' Eve, eh?
Pretty much, yeah.
by YAWA January 1, 2021