its the middleclass koolaid, motherfukka
Boy 1: yo nigga, u got any kool-aid?
Boy 2: hell nah my dad got a promotion so we got nesquick, its like kool-aid but wit milk
Boy 1: that sounds rank motherfukka
Boy 2: its all good.

boy 1 then tries nesquick.....

Boy 1: damn thats sum good shit. im tellin my pop to do more motherfukkin hours so we can indulge in this shit
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the best fuckin ceareal in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yo me and my friends got high off some nesquick
by Lily March 30, 2005
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Nesquicking: The equivalent of a golden shower but with diarrhea. Performed on ones neck, exclusive for homosexual males.
He girl mark and I where nesquicking last night and it was so fucking hot! YASS BITCH!
by Thestraightbrotherinlaw May 30, 2018
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While hitting a girl from behind, right before ejaculation, grab some chocolate powder and pour it on your penis. Once completed, finish ejaculating and give your partner some nesquik mill formula
I had a nice taste of nesquick last night
by StubbySavage March 10, 2017
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flavored coke commonly done by Paris Hilton and Lyndsay Lohan.
Meet me in the bathroom @ Hyde, I brought some strawberry nesquick!
by i hate perez October 18, 2006
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The G-rated and appropriate, kid-friendly version of "Netflix and Chill", in which a couple does hardly anything that could be even be consider first base.
Girl: "Should I come over ? You know, Netflix and chill?"

Guy: "My Grandma's staying at my house right now.... Make that Nesquick and Chill."
by That1Guy9966 October 29, 2015
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The set of stairs that mark the beginning of Goog Run. Named after a delicious chocolate drink that was thrown at them.
The Nesquick Stairs lead into Goog Run
by Bozo the Clown March 12, 2005
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