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To weaken or make less dangerous. Taken from the "Nerf" brand name, which makes sports equipment toys out of a soft foam (e.g., the Nerf football is soft foam rather than the hard leather of a real football). Used frequently in the context of computer game balance changes.
"The chaingun was awesome til they nerfed it, now you can't hit shit with it."
by PecosBill June 06, 2003
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To make worse or weaken, usually in the context of weakening something in order to balance out a game.
Why the hell did Blizzard nerf Marines' attack damage?
by Koopa January 03, 2003
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To diminish the power or effectiveness of...
To make less potent.

Originally, this was a product line of foam based toys for children. It was adopted by the online gaming community to refer to the reduction in power of a game feature for the sake of balance.

This term is now seeing more widespread generic usage, usually in reference to mechanical devices, or personal powers within a business framework.

antonyms: Buff(v), Spike(v)
My dad totally nerfed my access to the internet. Life suxx0rz since the advent of the NetNanny!

Did you hear that Henley got Nerfed?? It's probably because he handled the Parker account so poorly.
by PythonDragon May 13, 2004
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Usually in first person shooters and RPGs, when game developers think a weapon is far too powerful, and threatens the stability of the game, and weakens the aspects of that power drmatically to rebalance it.
When diablo 2 came out, everyone played either a necromancer or a barbarian. Now necromancers is nerfed to a point where its intolerably difficult to duel against other players without people just dodging your summoned minions and shove a axe into your face.
by Chang Tan October 26, 2003
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Nerfs are grumpy, antlered herbivores, resembling yaks, raised on many planets, including Alderaan, Gestron and Corellia, for their milk and meat. Herders of the beasts are well known for being as scruffy looking and surly as their livestock, and to be called a "nerf herder" (as Han Solo is by Princess Leia) is considered a strong insult.

"Why you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder!"
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1. When the developers of an MMORPG (like WoW) weaken a certain weapon to balance the game.

2. Airsoft for children.
1. They nerfed the sword of sparks. Now, the shuriken does more damage.

2. Vitos ten year old son enjoys playing nerf
by awebsdyutyhtgykjesry January 08, 2012
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Miracle foam compound created by Hasbro. it has the sheer power to be resistant to most shocks or crushes, second to duct tape.
"Hey, let's toss around the Nerf ball!"
John had gotten himself a new Nerf blaster, confident that the office would not be safe to walk through without being pierced by darts again.
by Nesbro October 23, 2011
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