1. A noise made when one is are forced to do something one
does not wish to do.
2. A noise made when one has nothing better to do or say.
3. A noise caused by boredom.
1. "Go clean your room!"

2. ...(Silence)..."Nerf"

3. "There is nothing to do.....Nerf"
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A term used if you play World of Warcraft when the newest patch took a feature away from the gameplay. The most recent nerf was the night elf cat mount, which doesn't roar when you press the spacebar any more.
Player 1: dude, they nerf'd the cat mount roar!!!
Player 2: ...whut!? NOWAI!!!1
Player 1: omg they've gotta nerf the fact that dr00ds can dismount their flying mount and pop into flight form lyke that
Player 2: yarly
by Smartass v2.0 May 21, 2008
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Cross between a waif and a nerd. Totally sexy.
When Kati puts her glasses on, she's a total nerf. I would love to make nerf babies with her.
by bumdharma July 03, 2013
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"No repercussions fuck"

The type of relationship you want with a sexual partner you're never going to see again.
Rick: Hey man, would you do Paris Hilton?
Jake: Man that bitch is nasty. But I'd probably still nerf her.
by gaf2011 June 18, 2008
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The state of being so frustrated by ineptitude in the office that one wishes to stuff a nerf football down the offender's throat to end the frustration.
God DAMN it! My boss has no idea what this project is all about, I just feel so damn....nerf!
by thecorsair June 11, 2009
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A gimp or loser that has no friends and smells like shit.
Dan Horvath, Rio Kivelle, and Nathan Young are all nerfs and have never had girlfriends and are pathetic
by Sir John A. MacDonald June 21, 2005
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