A common nickname given to blonde boys who are given the name Axel.
For the most part, these kids are found in urban areas and have friends who aren't used to the name "Axel," and thus create awkward nicknames.
Thus the nickname "ax-ax".
Joe: "Who is that guy?"
Crisolo: "Oh, that's ax-ax"
Joe: "Ax-ax?"
Ax-ax: "Hey! What the fuck, guys. I told you to stop calling me that!"
Joe + Crisolo: "Aw...Ax-Ax"
Ax-ax: "Fuck you guys."
by Crisolo May 18, 2007
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The preferred "tool" that an avetard likes to use to break open the door when they lock themselves out. The axe belongs to Henry and will be used to hit the door, damage it, and eventually open the door, but this avetard does not realize that he will have to pay for the damages to the door at the end of the year
I got locked out of my room again so I used Henry's axe to break open my door and now the door is covered in axe beatings.
by TurnM3Up November 11, 2019
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a Jazz-ician's term for an intrusment, be it horn or guitar or piano. usually not used for drums
"Hey man, bring your axe to the jam session."
by Artorius November 13, 2004
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Common stereotype of black vernacular is the pronunciation of the word "ask" as "axe."

"Axe" traces back to the 8th century. The pronunciation derives from the Old English verb "acsian." At the time, the word appeared in two forms, "ascian" and "acsian." By the 10th century, the latter became "axsian," which was shortened to "ax" (or "axe"). It wasn't until the 17th century that "ask" became commonplace, eventually replacing "axe" in literary works. Nonetheless, the pronunciation "axe" remained in dialects across the Caribbean and the American South (including some sections of England). Such usage was not dependent on race or class. Although its written form fell out of usage in the 17th century, the dialectic use of "axe" has survived into the 21st century.

Unfortunately, usage of "axe" has become a lightning rod for racist diatribes against African Americans, often attributing its dialectic usage as a sign of being uncultivated and uncultured. References to "axe" being "ghetto" is nothing more than etymological ignorance, respectability politics and outright racism.
1. "Axe and it shal be giuen you"
2. "Hello sir, may I axe you for directions to the nearest gas station?"
by Hiram Getz September 22, 2015
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A tool that has been used for thousands of years as a weapon and a tool . Made of many materials including flint , stone ,copper ,bronze ,iron and steel . There are many types including hand axe's , 2 handed axes and 3/4's axes that can be used one or two handed .

As a weapon the most common axe's where the one handed ones. Contary to popular belief massive 2 handed double bladed axes' where rarely used in combat ,they where ceremonial weapons . Two headed axes where used though.
Besides spears the sumerians used the axe as a weapon.
by russia_almighty June 21, 2006
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1)Fired. Terminated from employment.
2) Cancellation of plans. Often because of outside circumstances.
1) "Homeboy got axed for goofing off at work."
2) "Yo, they axed the concert cuz the singer was all high."
by Jack Steranko November 29, 2003
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A guitar, usually eletric.
Jimi Hendrix played his axe as Paganini must have played his violin.
by PJC October 3, 2002
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