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Steering your car side to side when driving. Mostly done when cruising.
"Doors open, mayne, now watch em swang" - E-40

Swang your Cadillac down the street.
by koopa March 05, 2004

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To make worse or weaken, usually in the context of weakening something in order to balance out a game.
Why the hell did Blizzard nerf Marines' attack damage?
by Koopa January 03, 2003

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phrase derived from the popular video game Metal Gear Solid, which means to act in a stealthy manner, usually used when someone is attempting to avoid someone; another variant of this is to "go Spliter Cell" based on the new stealth video game of the same name.
1)That annoying asshole was looking for me, i had to go metal gear to get away

2)My brother was looking for me, so I went Splinter Cell and hid behind the counter.
by Koopa January 03, 2003

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