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1) When a gamer becomes upset upon not getting his/her way or seeing a noob playing badly.

2) When a nerd sees a popular science-fiction movie, comic book, or other media source improperly quoted, misrepresented, or otherwise flamed.

3) When someone who is especially well-versed in a certain area of academia sees someone who is not as well-versed exhibiting a rather large amount of brain-farting and idiocy in regards to said area of academia.
1) Gamer 1: Oh my God, did you see what that noob just did while playing World of Warcraft? What a retard.
Gamer 2: Careful, don't let your nerd rage get out of hand this time.

2) They made R2D2 talk in that fan fiction?!?! I think I feel my nerd rage coming on!

3) You're telling me you want to STOP polio vaccination because the vaccine killed 8 people in 1990? Don't make me nerd rage on you!
by Anal Crabs August 16, 2009
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Indignant, hysterical, and incoherent screaming brought on by video game induced frustration.
Being griefed in UO for the 20th time that day, Ebert fell into an apoplectic nerd rage.
by Saks August 13, 2007
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Nerdrage is both the emotion felt when a nerd is exposed to something that directly contradicts the core beliefs of their obsession, and the reactionary diatribe by the nerd that inevitably follows.
Dude did you hear about the new Transformers movie?
Yes, it fills me with a seething nerdrage

I use to keep up with internet discussions related to comic book movies but the nerdrage became too much.
by Eleventh Finger October 27, 2007
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Nerd Rage: The phenomenon in which a typical "nerd" becomes so enraged, that rational thought quickly decreases, but strength output is significantly increased as if being channeled. The period is short lived, but can end up causing serious damage, especially if the "nerd" has a short-fused temper.
Person 1: Haha, you are teh sucksorz.
Person 2 (Nerd): ARGGHHHHH!
Person 1: Oh shit! He's got nerd rage!
by Anon9923 February 18, 2010
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The overwhelming anger of a nerd when something or someone gets the "facts" wrong on a geeky subject such as Star Trek, Dungeons & Dragons, Lunix, etc.
Nerd: "So what do you think about Star Trek?"

Human: "Isn't that the space show with Captain Jean Luc Skywalker?"

Nerd seethes and painstakingly explains in erudite detail on the differences between Star Wars and Star Trek.

Human sits there, pretends to think for a long moment, then says: But he's still a Jedi, right?

Nerd's head explodes from the massive influx of nerdrage.


Nerd: "Lunix truly is the superior operating system!"

Human: "Microsoft Windows is better."

Nerd: "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!??!!?!??!?!!!!?!?!"

Human: "Well, more programs run for it. And free stuff just sucks, man."

Nerd's eyes become bloodshot, face beet-red, and steam shoots from his ears.

Human: "Bill Gates is my hero."

Nerd: "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" *heart attack*
by Eric Melech November 28, 2007
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