Nerd Rage is a new series of games from Nerd Rage Games produced under the Rage Series of games copyright in 2010. Players can role-play in science-fiction settings, medieval or modern earth settings. The games are designed so they can be played on their own or together. All that is required is a d20, pencil, paper and a sheet of graph paper if the players wish.
Nerd Rage Games is a new gaming sensation.
by Nerd Rage Games February 01, 2010
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When a person playing a video game gets extremely happy by either winning or getting a kill, that they yell out obscenities or a person who gets extremely angry and starts yelling after losing.
PicUpUrFace: (gets a kill) Get fucking body!

Vixen: Hey how about you turn down the nerd rage.

by El BiGGo April 12, 2009
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Cody - "Dude did you see Harrison?"
Austin - "Yeah he was having a Yaytime then he started to nerdrage!
by ZirkeyTurkey September 21, 2009
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To go on a long binge of video game playing; playing video games for more than 6 hours straight.
"Is Greg coming to the party?"
"No, he's on a nerd rage."

"You wanna get laid tonight?"
"Nah, I'm gunna nerd rage to level 60."
by th3m4n August 09, 2007
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