When a player starts over-reacting about an asswhoopin they've just received in a game.
Player 1: What the Fuck!?! You fuckin noob tubers. Don't have any skill! Thats fuckin cheatin!!! I'm reporting you.

Player 2: Someone is definitely on a nerd rage.
by sideboob<cleavage September 04, 2010
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Basically a common side effect of being a hardcore gamer, in which something goes wrong and the person gives all of his friends and co players hell
In world of warcraft a guild recorded a conversation on vent in which after 1 person messes up a job he had in a raid, he causes a wipe and this results in the leaders screaming obscenities down his micro phone.
Search :Onyxia wipe animation for the voice.
This is a superb example of a nerd rage, its also associated with geeks who don't get there own way and just whine a lot.
by Teenage Melancolic June 18, 2009
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When a person playing a video game gets extremely happy by either winning or getting a kill, that they yell out obscenities.
PicUpUrFace: (gets a kill) Get fucking bodied!

Vixen: Hey how about you turn down the nerd rage.
by Sir BiGGo April 13, 2009
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1. The action of a nerd becoming angry
You nerd rage in WoW when you just got ninja'd or jenkins'd
by bagget January 01, 2010
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The act of becoming wildly frustrated and/or defensive over nerdy things. It can manifest itself in many forms: youtube rants, sci-fi debates, video games, and chats. Often is perpetrated from the safety of a keyboard.
I didn't go on youtube to read your five paragraph complaint. Please watch the video and get your nerd rage under control.
by angrymunchkin dance October 29, 2011
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When somebody who is declared by a majority, ''Nerd'' gets a sudden overcharge of rage for something that is either unuseful, irreavelent or stupid.
When Harry died because his guilde betrayed him in WoW, he got a nerd rage and smashed a hole in the wall.

Example 2:

John: Cmon dude, your at 1 kill away from an Attack Dog
(Gets destroyed by a claymore)
by Finalninja December 20, 2010
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