How to best sum up Michael Bay? Transformers, Pearl Harbor, Armageddon.
by chrisalice November 17, 2011
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1. A person who is incapable of complex and/or abstract thought, and focuses on pure visual and tactile stimulation.
2. A movie director who, in order to appreciate his dumb shock and awe style, you must either be stupid enough to think on his level or smart enough not to care how intellectual a movie about robots and explosions is.
1. He never talks about anything other than sex and explosions. That guy is such a Michael Bay!
2. My pre-schooler thinks on a higher level than Michael Bay.
by Ciano November 25, 2007
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The most famous case of the effects of ADHD on human development and functionality. Bay's ADHD affliction is often reflected in his films.
Guy 1: Dude this movie is twitchy and sporadic. It jumps from place to place and nothing is in frame for longer than five seconds.
Guy 2: Yeah, that's Michael Bay for you. Don't blame him though, he's got a problem.
by Baron6489 August 5, 2009
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(verb) Doing a Michael Bay is a term used to describe directors that aim on style over substance, particularly in the region of sex and explosions. If your film has loads of explosions and sex appeal, yet little story, you are basically doing a Michael Bay.
(director's name here) totally did a Michael Bay on that film. Everything in it was just for the sake of it.
by CrystalBlueSky June 14, 2013
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A deviant sex act in which you set off an M80 next to the woman’s head right before climax.
While she’s temporarily blinded and deafened, you finish in her ass and steal 14 dollars from her purse.
I totally pulled a Michael Bay on that girl I met at the Black Eyed Peas concert and she STILL called me the next day.
by mmcluhan December 15, 2011
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A Michael Bay (named after the film director/producer) is a term used to describe a solid excretion that starts off pleasant but continues for so long that it causes the excreter to lose interest, or in some cases, physical pain, essentially like sitting through a Michael Bay film or Michael Bay marathon, you're feeling good about the first ten minutes or so but then you slowly lose interest and/or it physically hurts to carry on.
"I'm off to the loo"
"I hope it's not a Michael Bay."

"You were gone a while."
"Yeah, it turned out to be a Michael Bay, one of the most painful half hours of my life"
by ChrisNix91 March 27, 2014
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A director with an explosion fetish and the first human being to ruin Transformers for a generation.
Michael Bay is the living embodiment of butthole cancer.
by carryingthebanner October 23, 2017
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