Getting angry and frustrated to the point you lose all senses and be nothing but angry and frustrated.

You get super horny and you watch porn video but the internet disconnects, while you begin to fap furiously to stave off depression, sending you into apoplectic rage
they banned me again for not following their petty rules. They triggered my fucking apoplectic rage and i ain't gonna chill down until i fucking destroy 4chan with my super hacker online friends
by Don'tCorrectMe August 5, 2018
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A: Didn't he tell you he smashed your car?
B: What?...I think I'll get apoplectic.
by Przemo October 23, 2008
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To have a fit. To express enough fury or indignation to risk a stroke or brain aneurysm.
Shelly will go apoplectic when they tell her the diamonds are fake. She'll go apeshit insane.
by budser December 5, 2009
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