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When a player ditches out of a game because they are extremely frustrated with the games outcome.
Dude, did you just rage quit again?!

Yea man, I can't stand not getting any kills
by Sideboob<cleavage September 04, 2010

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When a player on XBox live joins in on other players' games over and oever again to try to plow through the player. typically happens when this player has lost to the other player so, they feel they must exact some revenge on them.
Player 1: "Hey look, its a DBW on the other team. He must be live stalking us again.
by Sideboob<cleavage September 04, 2010

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When a player starts over-reacting about an asswhoopin they've just received in a game.
Player 1: What the Fuck!?! You fuckin noob tubers. Don't have any skill! Thats fuckin cheatin!!! I'm reporting you.

Player 2: Someone is definitely on a nerd rage.
by sideboob<cleavage September 04, 2010

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Great One. A Modern Warfare 2 player on XBox live who is a notorious trash-talker but, has little to no skill to back it up. Well known for phrases such as, "I'll rip ya punk" or "I'm in a garden...somewhere legal. DBWs often "live-stalk" players who have previously ran them into the dirt in order to execute some sort of revenge. All revenge attempts fail as they are mowed over and over again. A DBW will use tiresome excuses as to why their skills are inferior...such examples include placing blame on the weather, or their Mexican companion, Pedro.

A DBW also tries to sell random, useless things to people for Microsoft Points such as swivel mirrors and their children.

DBW's typically live in a double wide and own furniture from the 1915's but, hasnt seen pussy since the Great Depression.

Also notorious for nerd-raging and rage-quitting
A DBW: Lets go one on one...I'll RIP YA PUNK. I'm just gonna fuckin RIP YA!

player: Alright you DBW, lets go one on one...I'll plow through you like I've done for the last 6 games you piece of shit.

DBW: *rage quit*
by Sideboob<cleavage September 04, 2010

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