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Commonly read as "tee zero." Internet slang, used primarily by the programming/cracking/hacking crowd – though its use among gamers has become more widespread lately.

1). the beginning
2). since the beginning
3). at the beginning
4). preemptively

Synonyms: all along, from the start, preemptively, beforehand


Contrary to the belief of some, the etymology of t0 is probably unrelated to NASA's MET system (see tminus). Rather, it more likely has origins in the statement t = 0, in this case representing the time at which a particular event began.
I knew t0, but didn't tell anyone.
I created a rudimentary map of the area t0 to avoid any potential issues later on.
Looks like they had the game in the bag t0 – we lost before it even began.
by Hohenfall January 29, 2015
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