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rkt) 1. When a Game that had plenty of time in Early access or beta programs, is filled with bugs, glitches, exploits, and routinely crashes long after the official release of the game. 2. When the game you love and have supported through the intentional individual purchase of each dlc instead of purchasing the full season pass constantly screws you over on a regular basis via broken coding.
I was playing on the Hardcore Ark servers on a level 100 character who had all the tekgrams unlocked when the game crashed and I drown in two feet of water, I just got Arked so hard!. (or) The company Wildcard just Arked its entire community with a recent patch.
by Cpt Flags August 7, 2018
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(prəˈɡresiv) 1. To be a champion of free thought in any society. 2. An individual who advocates pushing past societal and cultural norms to achieve equality and equity. 3. One who advocates for progress regardless of circumstance by any reasonable means necessary.
by Cpt Flags August 22, 2018
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ˈ(ɡibs) 1. The goo like splatter that occurs when your character is killed in a game like "Unreal tournament."
Oh, the Gibs! They went everywhere! Epic!
by Cpt Flags August 22, 2018
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(Get-ɡo͝od-ˈkaZHo͞oəl) 1. A Term Coined from, Hidetaka Miyazaki's "Dark Souls" PvP community. 2. An elitist mentality easily conveyed by the original"Dark souls" tutorial level. "Everything you need to know to win is right in front of you, just find the knowledge and use it to f*cking wreck sh*t.
Don't you understand basic Macroeconomics? Git Gud Casul. (or) I just beat the sh*t out of you in this video game! Git Gud Casul!
by Cpt Flags August 21, 2018
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(ärk-līf) 1. A term of endearment, through the good and the bad, what it means to love and live the Hardcore(One life) Mode in any game.
I've kept a Tribe alive On the Hardcore servers solo for almost a year! Ark Life bro!
by Cpt Flags August 21, 2018
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(nēˌō -lib(ə)rəl) 1. A Political platform which represents the illusion of liberalism. 2. A false Ideology of the super rich and fools alike; to convince low-incom Liberals to vote for a party which wont actually represent their interests. 3. Bourgeoisie propaganda.
The democratic party will probably nominate a Neoliberal Candidate in 2020 like Joe Biden. Someone who has appeal to the younger generation through the Obama- biden memes that continue to circulate the internet even though he would have no real liberal agenda, no major policy changes regarding climate change, the war on drugs or universal healthcare. (or) The democratic party is nothing but corporate, warmongering, Neoliberal shills.
by Cpt Flags August 6, 2018
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(Bae-lit) Adjective. 1. An ill-fated turn of events so unfortunate it causes intense feelings of despair, confusion, or disgust.
That Gif below is so behelit. (or) The ending of "Berserk"(1997) is the very defintion of behelit.
by Cpt Flags August 27, 2018
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