Neen describes an art movement that uses or abuses technology, in particular computers to create unexpected and delightful artistic results. It is the first art movement of the 21st century. In 2000, an artist commissioned from the California based branding company Lexicon to invent a name appropriate to this new movement. He chose two of the hundred names they provided - Telic and Neen.

Telic, which means literally 'goal oriented' or 'purposeful', was chosen to apply to the normal or accepted use of tools and technology. Telic processes are constructive. Building a technology to fill an existing need is a Telic process. The creation of art for paying clients is Telic. Telic is serious: it makes sense. People recognize it and trust it. Neen by contrast is the creative and opportunistic reuse of technologies for purposes other than those for which they were designed. Neen is Telic that went nuts: you wouldn't believe that it's possible. It opens new doors. It reuses cheap and available technologies. Neen work is slick, new, cool, personal and temporary.
by Molly Von Hacker August 16, 2006
little haneens running around- cool and popular
by ooliomaster123 March 27, 2010
an edible type of paint, also is the opposite of opyt.
this neen is delicous
by Anon Omas August 17, 2009
Short for neener, a slightly ridiculing or teasing interjection used when the situation isn't really worth teasing over.
(thinking to self, he's whining, but he's my friend and I don't want to totally alienate him):


(thinking to self, that was so stupid of him, and he's being such a whiner about it):

by Downstrike October 7, 2004
the word neen means nigga but country cats from the south say neen.
neen is a southern word.
that neen right there is a bitch.
by daryl October 5, 2004
a massive nerd, that enjoys orienteering, buffy, angel and 90's hard trance. prone to lengthening skirts, pulling up socks, staring blankly and attempting to convince people she isnt a geek
'who's the nerd asleep after lunch in a punlic place??'
'oh that's neens'
by addz_1 December 10, 2007
The term Neen can be best described as having unusually long hair that is no longer considered in style and is unattractive. While longer hair can be appreciated, it is spoiled by a Neen who gives it a bad name. A Neen tends to over exaggerate the greatness of her fried, coarse, stringy, no style, trailerpark, indefinate long hair. A Neen usually does not have one true friend; as a result, ends up with the described hair mentioned above.

Be a true friend to a Neen - tell her the truth about her God awful hair