someone that is so low in society that even the fungus on a mushroom has higher importance
yea that would be Rick Oberndorfer all the way
by ERIN March 31, 2005
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neenes smith is some rlly sexc girl who always knows how to treat her bfs right. she is funny and has a good sense of humor and is very cute and will always know how to cheer someone up. neenes smith likes avocado and is good at doing handsprings backwards. she knows how to jump with a little more skill and cant make it into santas little helpers cause shes tall.
neenes smith has a bf called nozz

neenes smith is sexc
by not_noah September 15, 2020
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neen is such a wack girl. she likes to make very sexual jokes like 24/7. sometimes it comes to the point that you can’t eat a lollipop in front of her. neen is such a social butterfly that she makes you want to kill yourself. she’s weird too but it’s ok
i’m not eating my lollipop anymore because neen made fun of me.
by harshisucks December 30, 2020
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A curly haired man that loves to eat and have fun. When you are around Neen you might want to blow your brains out, but he is also funny at times. Neen is amazing and deserves many wonderful things in his life.
Hey Neen, you are a fucken retard.

Neen I recommend brushing that hair of yours.
by Buster J June 29, 2022
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Neen is an adjective used to describe a particular steeze that was introduced by pro skater Neen Williams. Neen can be used on any heelflip variation that has high pop and ninja kick type flick.
Jabroni: Yo Dio, peep this neen ass heelflip I’m bouta pop.

*pops the heelflip*

Dio: God dayum that was neen as fuck you popped like 10 stories high my brother and that ninja type flick was insane.

Jabronius: You don’t have to tell me you goofball you.
by Jabrewski February 13, 2021
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the art of using one neen, yet double neening. it's definitely a talent.
madds: gill u got a neen???
gill: oh yeh, we'll 'double neen'
madds: ahhhhh AMAZING idea
madds (says to weirdo guy): oi take a pic of us 'double neening'
(weirdo takes pic)
weirdo: fuck u chick are amazing at 'double neening'
madds and gill look at photo
madds: that was art
by maddstarino July 8, 2006
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