A word for idiots who don't know how to, or for some reason don't want to, spell out "i don't", making themselves look like morons.
When i see the word "ion" used as "i don't" i assume the person wasn't able to spell "don't" and/or didn't pay attention during sophomore Chemistry.

Swagger/Tumblr Wannabe: "Ion care she do wut she want."
Me: "An Ion is a particle with an electric charge because of the loss or gain of electrons, you halfwit idiotic fucktard."
by LimaRonan October 11, 2014
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I don't
Do you want to have sex?

I Can't ion have a condom
by Sxxxx August 08, 2018
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ion is a short word used during texting; when a person doesn't feel like using "I don't" they combine the word and make ion
Mariah ion want to wash those dishses today! Carrie ion feel like washing them either so get on your job!
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by BrenTheDefintionOfReal May 08, 2018
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Ion; the Internation Order of Ninjas.
The Internation Order of Ninjas is a non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of ninjas world wide. They aid in the exploration of the "Theorial Plain" in which all ninjas must abide in order to gain the skills necesary for the physical, mental, and most importantly, spiritual control that one must have to live as a ninja.
No, I do not belong to the federation of killacon, but rather to the ION.
by UberChoob May 24, 2006
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