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" " is the HTML encoding for a non-breaking space, which is a space that doesn't get removed by the browser on rendering.

If you see this on a page (and not source code) it could mean the server got " " from the database and encoded it before it sent it to the browser so it showed up in the page.

In the example below, bobby copied and pasted his story, but a bug caused the indentation to turn into multiple  
Conversation log:

Bobby: Here's a shitty story I wrote
Bobby:     Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam imperdiet ante sit amet turpis vulputate rhoncus. Donec viverra felis sem, et feugiat augue tincidunt id. Maecenas a risus id turpis fermentum eleifend a et lorem. Duis vitae pulvinar ligula. Donec vel nisi sed sem feugiat porttitor id sit amet nisi.
Hank: Bobby, what the fuck does " " mean?
by AmericanNaziParty October 04, 2013
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Acronym for No Bull Sh!t Please
Whenever I text my sister with a bunch of smilies and she responds with "Hi,nbsp" because she is busy. I ignore her nbsp request and send her the same message two hundred more times!
by A-Shweez June 21, 2007
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