A phrase osu! players use whenever 727 is seen, anywhere it is seen, mostly excluding punctuations. A reference to Cookiezi's (former #1 osu! player) choke on Blue Zenith +HR (and later +HDHR) worth 727pp (performance points)

Often abbreviated to WYSI.

Variations include: When you fucking see it (WYFSI), When you don't see it (WYDSI, whenever it is 1 digit off from 727 such as 717 and 737), etc.
Example 1:
osu! Player: no I choked my first 7* fc... wait MY ACC IS 97.27% WHEN YOU SEE IT
Example 2:
osu! Player: *looks outside and sees a truck with the number 727*
Example 3:
osu! Player 1: lol check the time
osu! Player 2: OMG WYSI WYSI IT'S 7:27 PM
by Lance0 August 25, 2021
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To be truly able to visualize or understand a topic about anything in particular. To actually see what it is that is going on. To be so excited about what is happening around you and you need to find out if someone else can see it to.
Jeremy notices puppy's playing on the television, he asks Aleshia "can you see?"

Jeremy is wearing a new shirt, he asks his girlfriend, "can you see?"

Out of sheer joy for the day ahead of him, Jeremy runs around the house screaming in a childs voice, "CAN YOU SEE!!?
by TheTrooper77 March 18, 2010
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A word that is frequently used on dhar mann videos when a character wants to say a backstory and it became a meme on his channel. He even made merch that wrote "so you see.."
Teacher: "Why are you late?"
Me: "So you see... I woke up late"
Teacher: "Go to the principles office"
by حمار July 9, 2021
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The All Powerful Phrase That A Character In A Dhar Mann Video Says Before Proceeding To Destroy The Universe
#1: Random Stupid Sentence
#2: Rebuttal
#1: So You See...
*#2 Proceeds To Implode*
by fwefff December 20, 2022
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Popularized by the YouTube channel Dhar Mann. so you see is a way to tell a person they or wrong or to simply make fun of dhar mann
So you see Dhar Mann videos don’t just tell stories the change lifes
by Thatonebi_bitch July 21, 2021
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phrase used as a response to a question which one does not want to answer or does not know the answer to. this may also be used for the LOL's
person 1: hey, how do you make a gradient on photoshop?

person 2: Well you see...(leave blank. DO NOT RESPOND AFTER THE "..."!)
by RCAB May 9, 2009
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