a beer with a great history of service to the working classes of america.. A beer that makes you wanna wake up and go to work, with the comfort of knowing that multiple cold brews will be waiting. at a price of 4.99 for a 12 pack this brew is a simply unbeatable value that invites many classy, yet unemployed, inviduals to enjoy its rich taste. When added to a funnel this beverage has the ability to make an individual incoherent within several minutes. When purchasing in a grocery store, many fellow customers will tend to make comments about the quality of the beverage, but these comments shoud be ignored
"Nattie Ice!!!! you must be getting really fucked up tonight."
by joe jameson September 12, 2006
man, you're one hell of a dumbass. low alcohol content? you obviously haven't drank natty ice, or looked at the can. natty ice has 5.9% alcohol, a lot more than your average beer.
man, if i were to give you a glass of natty ice, and a glass of my piss, you couldn't taist the difference.
by zack December 29, 2005
A cheap brand of beer usually consumed by underage schoolchildren. It is known for being piss water, in that its low alcohol content and diuretic nature cause the drinker to need to utinate frequently but not get very inebriated.
Guy #1: Did ya'll picked up that case of guinness like I asked for?
Guy #2: Yeah, they was out so i got this instead.
Guy #1 Nattie Ice! This shit is piss water! Fuck you, man.
by Billy The Impaler December 13, 2004
1. Slang for alchoholic beverage known for its large (pint sized) cans, cheap value (cheaper than canned soda), and large percentage of alchohol per volume (5.9%) 2. Common referance to any drink with taste resembling metallic piss water and salt. 3. Common tool for so called "Natty Baths" in which a person is covered in fiss from a shaken container. 4. Cause of more college headaches and oversleeping than studying, tool for forging of fond memories.

Warning: Never drink. If necesary drink quickly and when already drunk. Poisonous if ingested warm.
Black Man's Beer; White Boys Fear.
"Dude, I can't believe this toilet water tastes better than Natty Ice."

"Feels like smelted Iron going down, but don't get hope full cause on the way back up - and it will come back up - it tastes like Natty Ice."
by Wart the Dick May 12, 2004
natural beer "natty ice" is a cheap and bad quality alchoholic beverage most likely bought by college students "laxbros" who dont have money to buy decent beer
I’ve started pissing blood from drinking to many Natty ice's but it’s cool cause it’s another way to relate to bitches so they think I’m sensitive and shit.
by gingerbreadmn26 June 11, 2011
A beer best enjoyed after an exam, in a cold pilsner glass, at 1 PM after two days and nights of studying for an exam. Tastes better than Budweiser and more solute (increased alcohol) than Bud Light. This beer is a god send, when you can't afford imports such as Guiness and Aventinus or even Paulaner Salvator.
Joe: "Man, this store just has overpriced Heineken and buddy-fucker light. Let's go get a 30 of Natty Ice for 10 bucks"

Friend: "I'm not going to drink that swill I have standards"

Joe: "Okay drink your expensive American Piss Lager. I'll drink my inexpensive American Piss Lager"
by gamete0 December 4, 2008
what a skunk would taste like if it were a liquid
"god damn, this natty ice really tastes like piss, i should have stuck with keystone"
by bither January 28, 2008